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Sanjay and Craig Season 1

Watch Sanjay and Craig Season 1 full episodes cartoons online.
Synopsis: Sanjay Patel doesn’t know the meaning of “uncool” or “impossible.” The 12-year-old has great curiosity and excitement about the world. That’s what sends Sanjay on adventures that are sometimes ridiculous, gross or oddly sweet sweet. Joining Sanjay is his best friend, Craig, who is a talking snake and master of disguise that can turn into just about anything or anyone. To most people, Craig seems like an ordinary snake; only Sanjay and his close friends can hear the reptile’s warped words of wisdom. Keeping the secret is important to the pair, and the biggest threat is Mr. Noodman, Sanjay’s neighbor, who fears snakes and is always on the verge of figuring out that Craig speaks.
Creators: Jay Howell, James Dirschberger, Andreas Trolf
Stars: Maulik Pancholy, Chris Hardwick, Grey Griffin
Sourcesr: IMDB, Wikipedia

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